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jQuery clearInput plugin

While working a web-application once we tried to use input field placeholder values to clarify input types. Which was a hassle, we ended up settling for a script downloaded from somewhere, which we still had to modify anyway..

Based on that experience I decided to create a small plugin that would everything we wanted (and just a bit more) based on jQuery.
It is free to download at, if you like it, please give me kudos :)

Plugin works awesome for form fields with default values. For example a search input field.

My first ‘official’ jQuery plugin and can’t say I am unpleased with it. If you think it can be improved, please fork it and create a pull request.


The little things that count

This is to long for a tweet but most likely to short for a blog post. But still very much wanted to share.

For testing purposes I had to create a new test application on Twitter, so using my special super-secret development account I register a new app, enter all the credentials, url, captcha and submit only to see that I miss-formatted the URL (apparently you are required to enter http://) but more importantly, they did recognize that the captcha was correct and did not show it again! You go twitter! This should be done on ‘o so many’ more websites. Wonderful!!

2 steps later I see that the application is created, I see the consumer key & secret, and a little button “We see that you have not generated an access token for your currently logged in account, do you want to do this now”. This was so awesome! I was already hating the fact that I had to setup a complete authorization process just to get my token and secret, but everything was just provided :)

All in all, super experience twitter! Thumbs up